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Our R&D Department

Xintron has many experience professionals in R&D department. They have a numbers of years’ solid experience and strong R&D capability about the industry. We provide the best technology based products and technologies services.


1.Materials engineer

Our materials engineer team has the rich experience on different kinds of materials production. The materials engineer team is responsible for searching the new technologies and industry trends, which helps our company to define the future technological developments and requirements. They are also responsible for connecting with supplier development plans and strategies and collaborative processes so as to meet the high quality and lower cost goals.

2.Structural engineer

They are proficient in product assembly design and all kinds of software design to make use of tolerance analysis and optimization of the product quality according to the product specification, features and appearance and customers’ requirements. That will ensure the products are designed in best quality and lowest cost with the shortest lead time.

3.Injection molding engineer

They have the best knowledge on plastic injection molds’ structure and performance. They can provide machines debugging and fix the problems on different types of injection molding machines.

4.Mold engineer

They are responsible for mold design, manufacture, machine adjustment, mold material selection because they are very proficient in various in the use of CAD and CAE related software.

5.Rubber engineers

They are proficient in rubber production process, performance testing, finished products costing, process parameters with statistical analysis. They are responsible for rubber formulation research, adjustment, performance improvements, and solving technical problems in the production process.


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