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Factory Introduction
  • We have 13 experienced staff and advanced production processing equipment to produce the high quality, abrasion resistance and anti-aging rubber parts. The rubber factory has more than 20 equipment in the robber factory, which includes rubber mixing machine, vulcanizing machine, plastic injection-type vulcanizing machine, cylindrical grinding machines, lathes, cutting beds.
    Our imported component silicone rubber injection machines enable two component liquid silicone rubbers injecting more accurate. Our self-developed automatic cutting equipment and silicone rubber silicone rubber modified automatic grinding equipment improve the production efficiency and improve the accuracy.
Rubber Injection Molding Machine
  • 1.Rubber injection molding machine is an advanced injection molding equipment.
  • 2.Mainly used in auto parts, industrial parts, electrical insulation parts, seals, shock pads, fitness equipment and other rubber molding products.
  • 3.It has shorter production cycle compared to the traditional rubber molding model. Better quality, precise geometry, and suitable for thick-walled products’ production.
  • 4.The machine has advanced design, compact structure, clamping speed, advanced automation.

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