Rubber Processing


Viton is highly stable chemical, and it is the best medium resistance elastomer. High temperature resistance is as same as silicone rubber. That is the best elastomer material so far. Fluorine rubber is high temperature resistance, oil resistance, and high vacuum and acid resistance. It can be used in modern aviation, missiles, rockets, astronauts, warships, atomic energy and other high-technology. It is also used in automobiles, shipbuilding, chemical, petroleum, telecommunications, equipment, and other industrial fields.


Siliastic has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric properties, ozone resistance and resistance to atmospheric aging characters. Silicone rubber can be used in a wide range of temperature in a long time manner between -60℃ and +250℃. Silicone rubber is worse in tensile strength and tear strength than any other synthetic rubbers such as nitrile, fluorosilicone rubber. Therefore, silicone rubber is not suitable to use in ordinary condition, but it is used in many special occasions. Based on the different properties and uses, it can be divided into ultra-low temperature, ultra-high temperature, and high strength oil resistant, medical type and so on.

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber has high elastic, very good mechanical strength, hysteresis loss character under room temperature. After a number of low heat deformation, the flex resistance is also very good. Also, as it is a non-polar rubber, it has a good electrical insulation property. Because this is unsaturated double bond, it has a strong chemical reaction with light, heat, ozone, and radiation, bending deformation and copper, manganese and other metals. However, the disadvantage about this material is not resistible to aging. If we added antioxidant to natural rubber, sometimes we don’t see much change in two months. It is still can be used after three years in the storage room. Natural rubber has good alkali resistance performance, but not resistant to strong acid.

Ethylene-propylene rubber

EPDM has excellent resistance to weather, ozone, heat, acid, water vapor, color stability, electrical properties, oil-filled and normal mobility. Ethylene-propylene rubber can be used for a long time under 120℃,It can be used under transient or intermittent between 150 ℃ and 200℃。Suitable antioxidant may increase the use temperature. With peroxide EPDM is available in more demanding conditions. It can last up to more than 150h without cracking under 50pphm ozone and stretch under the conditions of 30%.


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