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Factory Introduction
  • There are nine data engineers in the injection molding factory and 14 advanced injection molding machines with the unique and most advanced control robot around the country, which brings the production efficiency to a whole new level with more stable and better performance. We also imported RT8,PBS, POM, LPS and PBS conductive materials to produce all kinds of office and daily supplies. All the environmental-friendly products are made strictly under ISO1400 environmental quality system. The production rate of plastic parts is 5,000,000 pieces. Our injection molding department continues to improve the production process, in order to be more accurate and more efficient to do the production.
    Our manufacturers use the automatic ultrasonic machines to produce and assembly the parts in increase the quality.
150 Tons Injection Molding Machine
  • 1.Clamping force:150t
  • 2.Injection volume:260g
  • 3.High precision digital optical encoder, no interference, the accuracy can be 0.025mm
  • 4.Ai-02 high-performance intelligent networking computer controller based on JIS standards with intelligent fault detection and auxiliary operating functions. The machines is energy efficient, and the oil tracking is done by the top European and Japanese experts, unlock molding cycle time is faster, more precise, and maximize our clients’ profit growth.
380 Tons Injection Molding Machine
  • 1.Clamping force:3800KN
  • 2.Injection volume:1068 Cc
  • 3.Equipped with a rotary encoder and pressure sensors, which gives the feedback and monitor the flow and the pressure in the process. Those advantages certainly improve the efficiency of production.
Desiccant Dryer Machine
  • 1.dehumidifying dryer Features
  •   (1)This machine has suction, dry dehumidification function.
  •   (2)Integrated design, compact structure, and small footprint.
  •   (3)Contactor Schneider.
  •   (4)Touch panel design, simple operation easy to maintain.
  •   (5)The inside part of dehumidifier and contact material are made of stainless steel.
  • 2.Dehumidifier
  •   (1)Use human-touch machines interface, the internal primary control is PLC.
  •   (2)Use desiccant wheel and longer lifetime.
  •   (3)Various temperatures and transmission parameters are designed to set on the touch screen.
  •   (4)A variety of alarms displayed on the touch screen.
  •   (5)The delayed start and stop function can protect the engine much better.
  •   (6)The dual-cooled exhaust design makes the machine operating more stable.
  • 3.Dryer
  •   (1)The barrel body is made of SUS202# stainless steel and internal grinding and polishing.
  •   (2)The bottom of the barrel is installed with evacuation device, which makes the pipeline not remain residual.
  •   (3)The down-blow design makes the materials cooling down evenly.
  •   (4)Clean-up door design is for easy cleaning.
Vertical Injection Molding Machine
  • 1.Clamping force:55T
  • 2.The vertical structure is very compact, space saving, high precision and longer lifetime.
  • 3.Using Taiwan Hongxun computer control and faster to make it rotate faster and more stable. The computer has the following functions: PID temperature control can do a more accurate result. The actual temperature can be controlled at the desired degree within (±1o) difference and ensure the product quality.

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