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Factory Introduction
  • Mold workshop has 15 professional engineers for mold design and production with the advanced technology. We have the most precious machines including numerical control EDM machine, cutting machine, CNC grinding machines, horizontal spindle and rectangular table surface grinder, CNC machining centers and so on. The three brand new CNC machining centers can produce mold parts more accurate and efficient so that we enable to complete a variety of more difficult processing tasks. Our mold factory can produce 20 sets of molds, and repair and maintain more than 60 set of molds at the same time every month. Our goal is to focus on innovation and technology to develop high quality products to our clients and become the leading manufacturer in the industry.
EDM Machine
  • 1.The machine is designed by finite element analysis.
  • 2.The screw direct drive enhances the mechanical rigidity and improves accuracy.
  • 3.The Z-axis linear slide makes the Z linear movement more stable and smooth.
  • 4.The specialized X、Y set position protection. For instance, if the X, Y axis moved more than 0.02mm, the controller will stop automatically.
  • 5.The machine used the central lubrication system to provide even lubrication on each slide to ensure the smooth operation and accuracy.
High Speed Machining Center
  • 1. X、 Y axis linear track, less noise, high rigidity, low friction, can do rapid displacement and get the best accuracy.
  • 2.X、 Y、 Z axis linear slide track with wide linear guide track, which improve the weight-bearing on the workbench.
  • 3.Three axis use linear slides to improve the finish surface.
  • 4.Three axis motor and precision ball screw direct the rotation, improve the accuracy.
  • 5.The machine use plunger lubrication pump, and provide the even lubrication on each side and extend the lifetime.
Cutting machines
  • 1.The unique workbench support structure, good rigidity and the bearing capacity is strong.
  • 2.The large span is long in the structure to ensure the stability.
  • 3.Wire guide roll machine used in all transport laminating process, with low noise level, low resistance, vibration and long life characteristics, wire tube made of steel material has a high abrasion resistance.
  • 4.Cutting accuracy.
  • 5.Using high-precision ball screw.
  • 6.Separate electrical machines and machine tools, greatly improve stability.

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